car, computer table etc.


There is a night lamp which is not in this picture and there are stop lights too. It says POLICE and I am a police so that is good.

So this the car upside down, but there is no wires because it’s just LEGO.


I have a wife and my name Micheal James that is not my real name. My wife I don’t know her name in LEGO .


You can see that there is the night lamp. Sorry there are some hand in the way.


This is the computer. It has no sliding keyboard so lets move on. So this is a guest computer.


This is get the blue so you have to spin it and then the green tile is which one you get. If you get blue you win!


This is sort of a spin ride but I go on to control it.



About Tianlittlecity

A mom of two boys. Decide to use this space as a display spot for Jason's LEGO projects.
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