swamp plice unit

IMG_20150202_145159Here we go a swamp police unit there are training areas. One area is jumping on to vines. Next is going across hallow logs. There is a jail cell.

IMG_20150202_145126I parked my police car there. it is on the side because 10 reasons.

IMG_20150208_101705There is a person that is new so he is just exploring the police unit. I put him there for some stupid reason. The airplane is parked behind. Also the jail has about 10 or 9 robber-gunman people in side.


IMG_20150208_091627The girl beside is a girl who fell on a skateboard. The rescue airplane came.

IMG_20150208_091651Now the pilot is starting to fly the plane. But why is the plane not flying? It is because there is no gas.

IMG_20150208_101612 She has a baby. She is waiting for the person.

lol jk


About Tianlittlecity

A mom of two boys. Decide to use this space as a display spot for Jason's LEGO projects.
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6 Responses to swamp plice unit

  1. Steve says:

    what’s going on about your friend in the last picture? is she sick?


  2. I know that was all my dad sending it from manitoba


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