Police series

IMGP1149This is a police station that I got from birthday gift set. It has a working garage that slides up and down. You can see the helicopter on top. Also a motorcycle all for the emergencies. Can you see the robbers trying to run away? There is a working booth.

IMGP1145This helicopter has crashed in to a house! Can you see the  wings that have a bend? The polices got VERY MAD!

IMGP1258This police patrol is also a set  there is a robber in a( robber)boat trying to get away. The (police patrol) truck sent down the (police) boat.

IMGP1000This is a set (from a birthday gift). Can you see the robber trying to pull the iron bars to free a robber.


About Tianlittlecity

A mom of two boys. Decide to use this space as a display spot for Jason's LEGO projects.
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3 Responses to Police series

  1. Steve says:

    Great Lego building skills!


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